About Us

The Institute for the Advancement of Education in Jaffa (The Jaffa Institute) was established in 1982 as a private, non-profit, multi-service social agency to create a new reality for thousands of underprivileged Israeli children from Jaffa, South Tel Aviv and Bat Yam. Residing in poverty stricken neighborhoods where the majority of parents and caregivers are unemployed, these children are physically and emotionally undernourished and too often suffer from neglect and/or abuse.  Violence, crime, and poverty are the norm and what these children can expect for their futures, unless intervention is taken.

Into this void penetrate the dangerous elements of the street life, luring children with promises of belonging and acceptance – of fitting in and being loved. Once a child has left school for the streets, it is very difficult to bring them back.

Each of the Jaffa Institute’s centers and residential facilities provide a wide range of programs and services that also encompass the child’s  family and community. This creates a wide network of continuing support which remains with the child as s/he develops.

Our programs offer a holistic therapeutic approach, providing tools that allow each child to develop and flourish in their own individual way. From food and tutoring assistance to emotional counseling, art therapies and  preventative health care, we provide the necessary elements for a safe and secure childhood.

The Jaffa Institute works closely with Ministry of Welfare officials to target, provide assistance, and assess the progress of those in need within our service areas.



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