With 150 members of staff in different capacities and over 1,000 volunteers working in over 30 projects, the Jaffa Institute annually reaches out to over 4,000 individuals living in the greater south Tel Aviv and Jaffa area.

David Portowicz
Dr. David J. Portowicz
President and Founder

CPA Jerold Rosenkranz
Chief Financial Officer

Chezky Portowicz
Administrative Director, Director of Israel Operations

Mitch Chupak
Director of Development

Issachar Dror
Head of International Relations

Ronit Lev Ari
Director, Beith Ruth Girls’ Hostel

Shalom Portowicz
Director, Food Distribution Center

Avril Tabachnik
Executive Assistant to the Chairman

Yechiel Marcus
Planned Giving Advisor and General Development

Lt. Col. (R) Yaacov Perez
International Fundraising Consultant
French Friends of the Jaffa Institute

Reuven Meir
North American Fundraising Consultant

Sarit Golenser
Head of Therapeutic Care

Yuval Adereth
Educational Enrichment Coordinator

Liat Lahav - Program Director at The Jaffa Institute
Liat Lahav
Head of Educational Programming

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Randy (Reuven) Eaton
Director of Institutional Advancement