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After School Therapeutic Enrichment Centers

After School Therapeutic Enrichment Centers

The moadonit (Hebrew for club) is a complementary educational-therapeutic center for at-risk children, that operates after school hours. At each moadonit, children receive a hot meal, scholastic enrichment, help with their homework as well as a lot of additional content intended to enrich and empower them and develop their social skills. An overwhelming number of children living in Jaffa and South Tel Aviv drop out of school before reaching the eleventh grade. In contrast, the dropout rate of children participating in the moadonit is almost non-existent.

The therapy provided by the moadonit is designed to meet the emotional needs of socially isolated children, or children feeling despair, as well as to address behavioral problems such as aggression. The objective is to improve their personal and scholastic achievements, and by doing so, keep them in school. The programs of the moadoniot are holistic and encompass everything ranging from the children’s physical needs to their emotional and educational empowerment. The counselors keep in close contact with the child’s parents, teachers and school counselors.

The moadonit is also staffed with social workers who do emotional work with the children and parents, as well as focusing on nurturing the parent’s relationship with their children in one-on-one and group counseling sessions. The staff also includes drama therapists, movement therapists, animal therapists and play therapists. The children enjoy life skills workshops, development of their talents, and educational, value-based and scholastic activities.

Personal and family therapy is also provided as necessary. This includes the provision of a therapeutic response to their emotional needs by the moadonit staff, consisting of a dedicated therapeutic team, a coordinator, a counselor and a counselor’s aid, an art and music team, a house mother, and volunteers. In total, the Institute has over a dozen moadoniot for preschool and elementary school children scattered throughout Jaffa and southern Tel Aviv.


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