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Jump Start – From Sixth to Eighth Grade

Jump Start – From Sixth to Eighth Grade

Jump Start provides educational support to at-risk adolescents in 6th-10th grade, ages 12-16, during the difficult transitional period between elementary school, middle school and high school. Based on last year’s great success, we intend to increase the number of participants this year from 75 to 100 students. To maintain an educational continuum, the majority of program participants are graduates of our after-school educational enrichment centers.Jump Start is located at seven of our centers and operates every weekday between 3:00pm and 8:00pm.

Jump Start allows students to maintain and increase success in the classroom, thereby preventing the development of an academic gap and reducing dropout rates. The program offers tutoring in core subjects which serve as the foundation for academic success, including English, Hebrew, and mathematics. Each student meets with a tutor individually or with one other student for two hours each week. During these sessions, the students complete their homework and receive tutoring in several subjects according to the goals outlined in their individualized development plan. By focusing on bolstering areas of weakness, the program staff reduce the academic gaps between the disadvantaged children in Jump Start and their more advantaged peers. At the end of the school year, the Jaffa Institute organizes a ceremony to recognize the students’ efforts and to award those students who have excelled academically


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