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Welfare to Wellbeing Program

The Food Distribution Center is also home to our Welfare to Wellbeing Program. This program trains a select group of mothers of children in our programs in telemarketing and communications skills and prepares them to join the workforce. A visit to this site would include meeting program participants, one of the program’s social workers, and hearing how the program is making an impact on the participants, their families and the community.

Neve Ofer House

The Neve Ofer House is a residential facility which provides immediate relief to children from Jaffa, Bat Yam and South Tel Aviv, in emergency or dire situations.  These children have been urgently removed from their home by the local department of Welfare and Social Services due to parental incarceration, parental neglect, and/or abuse.  Visitors to this site will have the opportunity to meet the staff and children.  You will experience first-hand the love, tenderness, safety and warmth that creates a true home infused with constant support and encouragement.

Beit Shemesh Educational & Residential Center

The Center in Beit Shemesh provides over 340 needy boys suffering from extreme poverty, neglect or abuse with the opportunity to live and study in a caring environment, and to receive a quality Jewish education. Through the Center’s counseling program and modern educational facilities, children who might otherwise have been lost to the streets have graduated from high school, served in the armed forces, and have been accepted into institutions of higher education.  A visit to the Center would include a tour of the facility, interviews with staff and discussions with some of the students whose lives have been changed since they first arrived at the Center.

Beit Ruth Girls Hostel

The Beit Ruth Girls Hostel is a 13-bed facility created to support the unique needs of troubled teenaged girls who have left their homes in despair after being victimized, abused, and made to feel unwanted. Most have abused drugs or alcohol, have eating disorders, and have even attempted suicide. Each girl lives in the Hostel for a minimum of one year. The dedicated staff combines intensive home schooling that is recognized by the Ministry of Education with integrated mental, social and recreational therapies; community involvement with volunteer mentors; and daily household responsibilities to facilitate the girls’ rehabilitation. Visitors to the Hostel will be able to speak with the girls and the staff to understand their needs and the path they currently travel.

Preparations for group volunteering and site-visits must be arranged one month in advance.  Meals and other accommodations may be coordinated at this point as well.

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