Volunteer Opportunities

The Jaffa Institute runs over 30 different projects throughout south Tel Aviv and Jaffa, assisting thousands of severely disadvantaged children and their families. We can arrange for volunteering for individuals on a long-term basis, and groups of various sizes for a one-time visit. We welcome you to take part in our various programs so that you can meet and touch the lives of the children we help.


 Group Opportunities – one time visits

Food Distribution Center

Visitors at the Food Distribution Center can volunteer their time by helping to prepare packages for citizens in dire need of food. Each month we pack 1,000 food parcels – as you can imagine, it’s a lot of work, and we need your help!

The normal hours of operation are 8am-4pm. However on delivery days, the hours are extended till 6pm.

To volunteer with your group at the Food Distribution Center, please contact Gracie Appelt at Gracie@jaffainst.co.il.

After School Activities Centers

The after school care providers in the Moadaniot implement a broad spectrum of recreational activities which include, but are not limited to various arts and crafts, music, sports, and field trips. In order for these activities to run successfully, the Moadoniot need volunteers!

The after school programs are always filled with excitement, laughter, and fun. Visitors at the Moadoniot are encouraged to come early and enjoy a hot meal with the children. In the after school activities, volunteers provide a sense of companionship and trust that many of the children have never experienced before.

If you would to volunteer at one of the Modaniot, a strong background In Hebrew is recommended. If you would like to arrange a trip to the After School Activity Centers, contact yoel@jaffainst.co.il

Individual Opportunities – long-term volunteering

English Teaching

Marc Schoen along with Elliot Davis and their team of volunteers travel throughout Jaffa seeking out the most desperate communities. The principal of each school is required to select the students he or she feels will most benefit from English language support. This elite group is then broken down further into one or two students per volunteer. These volunteers needn’t worry about any language barrier because Marc provides each volunteer with a broken down syllabus that has proven to provide success to each student. The students want to learn and are eager to please their English teacher. Strong bonds are formed very quickly between teacher and pupil.

Please contact: Marc Schoen Tel: +972-(0)54-755-2014 Email: marc@jaffainst.co.il

No English teaching experience is required, but a strong level of English is necessary.

Beit Ruth Village

Volunteering your services at Beit Ruth Village in Afula is not only beneficial to the girls who live there, but also enlightening and even life changing to those who go for the purpose of volunteer. Beit Ruth needs warm-hearted, enthused, and flexible volunteers. Knowing Hebrew isn’t a necessity, but it definitely will enhance your volunteer experience. Volunteers at Beit Ruth are paired up with one girl, and are asked to guide her in a field where she may be lacking support. This includes English, music, art, and literature. The role of the volunteer may also be modified in order to cater it to each girl’s specific need.

If you feel you can make a difference please contact Emily Gatt, emilygat@beitruth.com to schedule an appointment with the Beit Ruth team.