At-Risk Youth Activities

Jaffa Institute Moadoniot An unfortunate 50% of the Jaffa Institute’s target population currently lives at or below the poverty line and 30% of them regularly receive local welfare services. In addition, both the unemployment rate and the rate of single mothers in Jaffa are double that of Israel’s overall census. These unfortunate realities result in a staggering 53% of all children living in Jaffa and south Tel Aviv dropping out of school before completing the 12th grade.From a young age, these youth live amongst turmoil and desperation in poor, often violent surroundings. With no positive role models, and absent or neglectful parents, the only after-school option for these youth is the streets.

Experts conclude that the time immediately after school, particularly the first hour, are peak hours for juvenile crimes and risky behaviors among youth. For this reason it is necessary for children who live in especially high risk areas to be involved in organized after school programming or tutoring.

The Jaffa Institute’s After School Activity Programs, or “Moadoniot”, are geared towards providing comprehensive services to hundreds of underprivileged children (grades one through six) from the greater Jaffa area. Each day, Jaffa Institute buses pick up the children from school, transport them to the program site, and then back home at the end of the day to ensure each student’s safety and security.

There, they work in small groups and on an individual basis with a staff of dedicated therapeutic counselors to address their behavioral or learning difficulties. Activities include one-on-one emotional therapy programs, group therapy activities to encourage social development, academic plans coordinated with the individual child’s schoolwork, parent-child therapy sessions, and more.

The program takes place five days a week, ten months out of the year between 1pm and 6pm within four Jaffa Institute program sites in Jaffa, Southern Tel Aviv and Bat Yam. Read more about our four Moadonit and other related programs here: