At-Risk Youth Residences

The House at Neve Ofer
As confirmed by a report by Israel’s National Insurance Institute, thousands of children in Israel are physically and emotionally undernourished and suffer from neglect and abuse. In addition, a startling 837,300 children in Israel are living below the poverty line – that’s two in every five children.

Many of these at-risk youth are living within some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Israel. Schools, parents, and communities are ill-prepared to meet the diverse physical, educational and spiritual needs of this population – especially those of the children. Due to limited resources and lack of support, these children are left seeking the support they need in the streets of their run-down neighborhoods. As a result, the students have major gaps in their education and many suffer from major emotional, behavioral, social and academic problems, leaving them “at risk” of dropping out of school and unlikely to succeed.

In order to combat Israel’s epidemic of “youth on the street”, the Jaffa Institute operates 3 residences for youth who have been removed from their family homes as a result of parental abuse and/or neglect, providing them with a safe, warm environment, positive adult role-models, group and individual therapy, and academic support.

To address the diverse educational, emotional, and therapeutic needs of Israel’s at-risk youth, the Jaffa Institute operates the following residential facilities: