Bet Shemesh Educational Center for At-Risk Boys

Students at Beit Shemesh
The Bet Shemesh Educational Center is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged boys and helping them reach their full potential. Opening in 1986, the Bet Shemesh Education Centre is a residential and educational campus for at-risk boys. The Centre provides a comprehensive Jewish and secular education and consists of modern dormitory blocks, furnished classrooms, a synagogue, dining hall, computer facilities, swimming complex and sports fields, a fully equipped workout room, and a state-of-the-art Science and Technology Center.

The Center’s high academic standards were officially recognized when it was awarded the prestigious National Education Prize from the Ministry of Education in 1995 and again in 2004.

The Bet Shemesh Educational Center is located in Bet Shemesh, overlooking the Judean Hills. Centrally located, it is approximately 20km from Jerusalem and 40km from Tel Aviv. It is a beautiful state-of-the-art campus which encourages the boys to invest in their education and achieve the best possible results.

The Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Project

The Jaffa Institute and the Bet Shemesh Educational Center throw special annual Bar Mitzvah celebration to some of their Ethiopian students. Many of these students cannot afford to celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs because of their families’ financial hardships. The boys are provided with an educational course about the significance of the Bar Mitzvah as well as a set of teffilin, a talit and a small gift in honor of the occasion. Learn more and support the Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Project

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