Community Cohesion

Jaffa Institute Children
The residents of Jaffa and South Tel Aviv come from diverse religious, ethnic and national backgrounds and include foreign workers, asylum seekers from Africa, and new immigrants from Ethiopia, Eastern Europe, in addition to Israeli-born Jews and Arabs.

Jaffa’s current population is 54,000 of which 74% are Jewish (including many recent immigrants), and 26% are Muslim and Christian Arabs.

Despite living in the same communities, citizens of Jaffa and South Tel Aviv, particularly the Jewish and Arab communities, have traditionally been separated by a wide chasm of cultural differences, stereotypes, mistrust and fear creating a barrier against interaction.

The Jaffa Institute’s Community Cohesion programs aim to facilitate structured interaction and discussion between Jaffa’s diverse citizens, and to draw the youngest members of the communities together – bridging differences in language, culture, history and politics – to create a true generation of peace.

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