Women’s Empowerment Programs

Jaffa Institute Women's Empowerment

The average salary taken home by an Israeli woman is just 64% of the average salary earned by her male counterpart. Over half of all Israeli women are dependent on governmental benefits. According to Israel’s definition of poverty, approximately half a million women in Israel are impoverished, representing 20% of the female Israeli population (CBS, 2010).

Discrimination against women persists in Israel even in 2012. Such discrimination cuts across all classes, cultures and religions. This discrimination is at its worst amongst populations who already suffer from inherent discrimination such as single mothers, Arab women, immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, as well as immigrant workers and refugees.

The Jaffa Institute offers a number of programs specifically for women and mothers in the South Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and Holon areas. These programs are designed to combat discrimination and empower the women of South Tel Aviv, specifically focusing efforts on single mothers, Arab women, and immigrant women from Ethiopia, Sudan, and the former Soviet Union.

The Jaffa Institute strives to support women living in Jaffa and South Tel Aviv through the following initiatives: