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Public Council

Public Council

The Jaffa Institute’s Public Council is comprised of 35 individuals from diverse  industries who commit themselves voluntarily to improving the lives of  those less fortunate.
At bi-annual meetings, the Council reviews the Institute’s activities, necessary changes, and ways in which to advance its goals.
The members of the Public Council are ambassadors of the Jaffa Institute; representing our interests, projects, and the people we serve at special events, and at our annual Gala dinner.

  • mrs.Vered Zarfati-Zvulun
  • Mr. David Alaluf
  • Professor Israel (Izzy)Borovich
  • Mrs. Orit Benbenishti
  • Adv.Tal Band - legal adviser
  • Mr. Joseph Bar Natan
  • Mrs. Linda Ben Shushan

  • Adv. Edna Gavrielli
  • Ms. Esti Ginzburg & Mr. Adi Keizman
  • Adv. Tzvia & Prof. Joseph Gross
  • Mr. Asher Grinbaum
  • Mr. Chaim Hurvitz - chairperson
  • Mrs. Nurit & Mr. Yonatan Zalsman
  • Mr. Meir Heth
  • Gen (Ret.) Yoram Yair
  • Mr. Yoel Yogev
  • Mrs. Alicia & Mr. Daniel Yacoby
  • Mrs. Yaffa Cohen Ifrah
  • Adv. Dan Lahat
  • Mr. Ziv Langer
  • Mr. Danny Margalit CPA
  • MR. Porat Yuval
  • Mr. Doron Sapir
  • Mr. Azi Foichtwanger
  • Adv. Nahum Feinberg
  • Mrs. Nili & Mr. Gil Peretz
  • Mr. Ran Presberg
  • Mrs. Tova Kronfeld
  • Mrs. Hila Schechter
  • Mr. Raz Ron
  • Adv. Eyal Rosovsky
  • Mr. Izhar Kanne CPA


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    Address of Head Offices:
    The Jaffa Institute
    Beit Teper, 5 Tel Giborim St., 3rd Floor
    P.O. Box 8216
    Jaffa, 61081

    Registered Charity No. 58-003-811-5