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Accompanying Senior Citizens and Holocaust Survivors with the Aid of Dalia & Eli Hurvitz Foundation

Accompanying Senior Citizens and Holocaust Survivors with the Aid of Dalia & Eli Hurvitz Foundation

Accompanying the Elderly

With the support of the Dalia & Eli Hurvitz Foundation, the Accompanying the Elderly program ensures that 300 elderly individuals, primarily Holocaust survivors, in Jaffa and South Tel Aviv, receive nutritious food, positive social connections, and the practical assistance necessary to live in health and dignity. Our committed long-term volunteers visit our elderly recipients twice a month, building lasting relationships and assisting recipients in effectively addressing any problems they may experience. Consistent home visits from volunteers and the program’s social worker decrease the participants’ feelings of loneliness, increase their access to essential services, and enable the Jaffa Institute to address additional issues that the participants may face, such as accessing benefits or completing home repairs. Additionally, the program’s social events, such as concerts and meals, promote a sense of social connectedness. Based on the program’s effectiveness, and the community’s ongoing unmet needs, last year, Accompanying the Elderly increased from to 250 to 300 elderly recipients, primarily Holocaust survivors. 

Protecting the Elderly: Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Abuse 

The Jaffa Institute launched the Protecting the Elderly program in order to effectively address the persistent abuse and neglect of elderly individuals in Bat Yam. The program operates at both the individual and community level to protect elderly men and women while raising broader awareness of this problem. At the community level, Protecting the Elderly seeks to strengthen cooperation among professionals as well as educate the general public on recognizing the signs of abuse and neglect. In tandem, these two initiatives significantly increase the identification and reporting of abuse and neglect while simultaneously preventing future instances from occurring. At the individual level, Protecting the Elderly offers direct assistance to the elderly, including educating them on their rights, providing immediate interventions and legal counsel to victims of abuse or neglect.

Coffee Clubs: Social Programming for the Elderly 

The Coffee Clubs are unique social groups serving elderly residents of Bat Yam, the majority of whom are Holocaust survivors. Unfortunately, many elderly individuals living in Israel do not have family or friends to spend time with, and suffer from severe loneliness. The Coffee Clubs provide elderly individuals with a social outlet as well as cultural and recreational activities. During the sessions, the elderly individuals participate in a variety of activities, such as enjoying refreshments, dancing, practicing English, watching movies, meditation, learning how to use the computer, and celebrating birthdays and holidays together. The Coffee Clubs expand the social circles of Holocaust survivors on the basis of shared culture and memories. The meetings and refreshments provide the elderly individuals with a reason to leave their homes and the opportunity to enjoy entertainment, make connections, and create warm memories with new friends. Meeting on a regular basis, the Clubs ameliorate the elderly participants’ loneliness and provide them with meaningful and enjoyable ways to spend their days. Further, the program takes the elderly individuals on special trips, such as to the Western Wall or a local pool.


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