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The Bet Shemesh Educational Center

The Bet Shemesh Educational Center

The Bet Shemesh Educational Center (BSEC) was established in 1986 for sixteen students who were in need of residential placement, as it was in their best interest not to live at home with their parents. Currently, the Center houses nearly 300 seventh to twelfth grade boys, both Israel-born and new immigrants, including dozens of Ethiopian immigrants. The BSEC started with a single dilapidated building surrounded by a number of trailers. With the generous and constant support of philanthropist David Goldstone, a dear friend of the children of Israel, the Center grew into a splendid campus with three dormitory buildings, a large dining room, athletic fields and a library. The classes are kept as small as possible in order to make up for the scholastic gap, while meeting the personal needs of every child. The curriculum combines secular and Jewish studies, as well as extensive recreational programs including various enrichment classes, a swimming pool, a gym.a state-of-the-art science center, and music studies. Currently, approximately 80% of the school’s students graduate with a matriculation diploma and over 90% serve in the IDF.

Among other donors, the Jaffa Institute would like to give special thanks to the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles for their generous support of the Bet Shemesh Educational Center's Ethiopian Integration Program. 

The Bet Shemesh Educational Center (BSEC) is an award-winning educational and residential facility that provides approximately 300 disadvantaged boys, ages 12-19, with educational, therapeutic, and nutritional support so that they may reach their full potential. With most of the students living in the campus’ dormitories, the BSEC provides a nurturing environment that allows students to overcome their hardships and become educated and fulfilled individuals motivated to succeed. 

Uniquely, the BSEC’s curriculum combines Jewish and secular academic subjects, and is complemented by cultural enrichment, creative arts, recreation, and therapy. Furthermore, the BSEC’s Ethiopian Integration Program provides Ethiopian-Israeli boys with linguistic and cultural enrichment, including a special Bar Mitzvah ceremony, to facilitate their full immersion into Israeli society. Similarly, the Haredi Integration Program provides students transitioning from Haredi elementary schools with targeted educational programming in core subjects to bridge their academic gaps and therapy to address any emotional issues they may have as a result of past academic difficulties. Implemented within a religious framework, the BSEC’s comprehensive approach ensures that all students receive equal opportunities to develop spiritually and intellectually regardless of their family’s socioeconomic circumstances. 

Approximately 80% of the BSEC’s students graduate with a full matriculation certificate, and over 90% serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).



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