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The Food Distribution Center

The Food Distribution Center

Hunger is an inseparable element of intergenerational poverty. When parents are unable to purchase healthy food for their families, their children are more likely to suffer from illnesses and developmental delays. As a result of their malnourishment, the children’s likelihood of succeeding academically is substantially reduced. Unable to acquire the educational skills they need to obtain gainful employment as adults, these youth remain trapped within the cycle of intergenerational poverty into which they were born.  

The Jaffa Institute's Food Distribution Center tackles hunger directly in the home by delivering bimonthly food packages, which contain essential nonperishable food items. The Food Distribution Center serves 200 impoverished families and 300 elderly individuals, the majority of whom are Holocaust survivors. All of the recipients are referred to the Jaffa Institute by the local social welfare authorities. During Rosh Hashanah and Passover, the Food Distribution Center serves five times the number of recipients during the year. In 2017, the Food Distribution Center was honored to receive a Certificate of Excellence from our valued long-term partner Latet in recognition of our nutritional security activities.


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