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After-School Educational Enrichment Center for Children of Foreign Workers

After-School Educational Enrichment Center for Children of Foreign Workers

Children of foreign workers and asylum seekers face numerous sociocultural, economic, and linguistic barriers that prevent their successful integration into Israeli society. During the developmentally critical years between infancy and the age of three, many attend non-registered kindergartens where the ratio of children to caregivers is often as high as 30:1. Without adequate stimulation and an educational framework, the cognitive, social, and motor development of these children is often impeded, and many suffer from delayed language acquisition. Without intervention, these children are at high-risk of falling behind their Israeli peers in school and developing behavioral, emotional, and/or psychological difficulties.


To address the unique needs of these children, the Jaffa Institute operates four after-school educational enrichment centers in South Tel Aviv that provide specialized academic, behavioral, and emotional support to 60 children, ages 3-6, from families of foreign workers and asylum seekers. Proper educational and linguistic support is crucial during this critical window and without intervention, the educational gaps between these children and their Israeli peers may become insurmountable. To ensure a low staff to child ratio, there are three staff members and 15 children at each center. Providing the children with a safe and nurturing alternative to unsupervised hours on the streets, the centers are open every weekday during the school year between 1:30 pm and 6:00 pm and operate a camp program during all school vacations.

Among other donors, the Jaffa Institute would like to give special thanks to Kinderhilfe Bethlehem (through Caritas Germany) for their support of the Early Childhood Intervention Program for the Children of Foreign Workers in Israel.


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