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Neve ofer house

Located in South Tel Aviv, the Neve Ofer House is a residential care facility that provides relief to children identified by Israeli social welfare authorities. Accommodating eleven children, ages 8-18, the program operates as a long-term emergency residence for those who are unable to receive proper parental care at home. 

The House enables participants to experience a warm and supportive home close to where they grew up and continue attending their current school during the day.

The Neve Ofer House provides a unique, close-knit family experience. The House Parents, Hodaya and Pinny, (along with their three children), treat the participants as an extension of their own family. The house uses a real-life family model that includes love, encouragement, and personalized resources to help the children reach their full-potential. 

Program Features

  • 10 hours of academic tutoring per week

  • Weekly sessions with a psychotherapist and/or psychiatrist

  • Art, dance, play, garden and equestrian therapy opportunities

  • Regular medical, dental and optical care 

  • Annual family trips

  • Activities for the children and their born-parent(s) (when possible), such as Hanukkah and End of Year celebrations



When possible the children maintain relationships with their born-family, while being  protected  from potential abuse. Regular meetings are planned between the children and their parent(s) while working with them to repair relationships. 

"I moved to the Neve Ofer house, By Court Order, when I was 8-yearS olD because my parents weren't able to take good care of me. I remember being so afraid, but Hodaya and Pinny made me feel so welcomed and right at home. Over time, I became close with the other children at the House too. I almost feel like their younger brother." 

-Neve Ofer House Resident

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