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Neve ofer house

Located in South Tel Aviv, the Neve Ofer House is a residential care facility that provides relief to children identified by Israeli social welfare authorities. Accommodating ten children, ages 8-18, the program operates as a long-term emergency residence for those who are unable to receive proper parental care at home. 

The House enables participants to experience a warm and supportive home close to where they grew up and continue attending their current school during the day.

The Neve Ofer House provides a unique, close-knit family experience. The House Parents, Hodaya and Pinny, (along with their three children), treat the participants as an extension of their own family. The house uses a real-life family model that includes love, encouragement, and personalized resources to help the children reach their full-potential. 

child riding a horse being guided by an instructor with hebrew letters in the background
large group gathered in a picture in front of the kotel, western wall

Program Features

  • 10 hours of academic tutoring per week

  • Weekly sessions with a psychotherapist and/or psychiatrist

  • Art, dance, play, garden and equestrian therapy opportunities

  • Regular medical, dental and optical care 

  • Annual family trips

  • Activities for the children and their born-parent(s) (when possible), such as Hanukkah and End of Year celebrations



When possible the children maintain relationships with their born-family, while being  protected  from potential abuse. Regular meetings are planned between the children and their parent(s) while working with them to repair relationships. 

picture under a tree from during a family hiking trip

"I moved to the Neve Ofer house, By Court Order, when I was 8-yearS olD because my parents weren't able to take good care of me. I remember being so afraid, but Hodaya and Pinny made me feel so welcomed and right at home. Over time, I became close with the other children at the House too. I almost feel like their younger brother." 

-Neve Ofer House Resident

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