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After-School educational enrichment

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The Jaffa Institute operates the After-School Educational Enrichment Centers, Moadoniot, to address the academic, behavioral, and emotional difficulties of over 300 at-risk children living in Jaffa, South Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, and Yehud.

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Serving as an extension of the children’s school day, the After-School Educational Enrichment Centers are open every weekday afternoon during the school year. During school vacations, the centers are open every weekday morning, providing the children with a safe and nurturing alternative to unsupervised hours.

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5 yellow people figures

300 At-Risk Children

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24 After-School Centers

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Ages ranging 3-13 years old

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"Graduate Club" offers ongoing support to children ages 13-18

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Activities Include:


Academic support


Recreational programs such as arts-and-crafts, music, horseback riding, bicycling, tennis, and science experiments

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Therapeutic treatment led by certified social workers and therapists


Daily hot meals


Group meeting time

These activities lead to:

  • Higher self-efficacy, emotion regulation, and social skills

  • Positive relationships with friends and family

  • A sense of security, which extends to their life at school and home

  • Encourage the children to develop into respectful and kind individuals

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At the end of each day, the children record how they felt their day went on their personal behavioral charts. This allows for both the children and staff to see the changes in each child's behavior.

Children with special EDUCATION needs

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Five of the Jaffa Institute’s After-School Educational Enrichment Centers are specifically tailored to children ages 6-12 with special needs. Similar to our other locations, the centers for children with special needs include individualized attention. Moreover, the program staff includes remediation teachers who provide the children with appropriate, structured programming to address their emotional, social, and learning difficulties. 

An example of one of the Centers for Students in SPecial Need

The Bet Metsuba After-School Center for Children with Special Needs, as an example, addresses the unique academic, behavioral, and emotional difficulties of 36 at-risk and disadvantaged children from diverse backgrounds, all of whom have special needs. A critical component of the afternoon is academic-support time, during which the children complete their homework with the staff’s help. Children also participate in recreational programming specifically crafted to help them grow and develop in non-academic areas.

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