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Summer camp

Israeli children in underserved communities lack access to summer programs. The lack of structure for children over the summer is particularly problematic in impoverished communities, where children are more vulnerable to crime, violence, substance abuse, and nutritional insecurity. To combat these risks, the Jaffa Institute leads a Summer Camp program, providing hundreds of underserved children and adolescents with a safe and enriching environment to spend their summer vacation.

boys climbing through an outdoor jungle gym course surrounded by ropes

An important component of our summer camp program is to continue closing the academic gaps that many of the campers face during the school-year. Our camp staff works to strengthen academic skills through play, and with enriching content such as arts-and-crafts, computer workshops, dance, drama, movies, reading, storytelling and science-related activities with our STEM Mobiles.

To Support Our Summer Camp Programs:

kids in a pool with an instructor learning to float on their back

The campers also engage in outdoor activities,  including basketball, jump rope, free play, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Twice a week, the children enjoy field trips to exciting places, including water parks, theme parks, an ice-skating rink, nature reserves, a movie theater, museums and swimming pools.


For the majority, the program provides the only opportunities for participants to take part in many of these types of activities and outings. 

summer outdoor activity connect the kids with a tangled rope
classroom of kids at a desk facing the front of the room in summer clothes

For all age groups, therapeutic support continues uninterrupted from the school-year to help the children recognize their potential, foster supportive relationships, and cultivate the skills and attitudes required to develop into healthy young people. We also provide the campers with two meals a day to ensure that they are receiving proper nourishment. 

"I had a really hard time this past year. I was fighting with my family and teachers all the time. going to camp this summer made everything better though. I learned how to play basketball and loved going on the field trips. for the first time, I feel like i made close friends that i can keep throughout the year."

-david, jaffa daled summer camp participant 

cartoon of kids throwing a ball together


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