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Accompanying the elderly & Holocaust survivors

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In 2014, the Jaffa Institute launched the Accompanying the Elderly program to address the unique physical and emotional needs of vulnerable elderly individuals, primarily Holocaust survivors, living in Jaffa and South Tel Aviv.

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Most of these impoverished seniors immigrated to Israel as young, orphaned refugees, and have reached retirement age with minimal, or no savings. Often, high medical expenses have left them unable to pay for essential living costs, such as rent, home maintenance, utilities, and food. This holistic program provides 300 participants with nutritional support, social connectedness, social workers’ assistance, and home renovations based on each participant’s situation.

Program activities

Volunteer Visits





Social programming

& activities

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This program proves to be extremely vital as a staggering one-third of Israel’s Holocaust survivors are currently living below the poverty line.

"The packages I receive are much more than food - it's attention; the feeling you are not alone."
-ludmila, Accompanying the elderly Participant

76% written in a circle whose border is 76% yellow and the remaining is white on a light blue background
70% written in a circle whose border is 70% yellow and the remaining is white on a light blue background

Reported a reduction in loneliness

Had attended a social event through the program

Those who had participated for at least two years were 10% more likely to report a significant reduction in loneliness, thereby indicating Accompanying the Elderly’s positive long-term impact.

Those who had attended an event were twice as likely to report a reduction in their levels of loneliness.

38% written in a circle whose border is 38% yellow and the remaining is white on a light blue background

Had received home repairs or renovations through the program

50% of recipients were those who had participated in the program for three or more years.

Home Renovations

Home Renovations and Additions

As part of the Accompanying the Elderly program, the Home Renovation and Home Addition projects aim to address the specific needs of program participants. Volunteers visit elderly individuals in their homes twice a month to deliver food packages, and spend time socializing in order to monitor their physical, emotional, and overall well-being. These visits allow the volunteers to identify whose homes require maintenance, additions, and renovations.

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