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Stepping stone

for at-risk teenage girls

In partnership with the Yehud Municipality, the Jaffa Institute began operating the Stepping Stone Program in 2017 to address the specific needs of 10 at risk teenage girls, ages 13-15, from disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city. The program provides participants with the support they need to become empowered and confident enough to avoid exploitation and realize their full potential.

  • Empowerment workshops including topics such as: self-defense, cyber safety, relationships and women's health, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and positive thinking and self-image

  • Focused academic support

program activities:

  • Hot meals and snacks throughout the day

  • Social enrichment activities such as challah baking, kickboxing, drawing self portraits, and creating papier-mâché flowers

  • Individual and group therapy sessions

Girls sitting around a table doing crafts

"Sometimes when I want to get away from everything to calm down and get out of my house, away from the pressure and the burdens surrounding me, I just come here. Here I am able to relax my body, mind, and soul and create new, positive energy. The support, love, and warmth I feel here makes it like a second home for me."

- Stepping Stone participant

cartoon three girls without facial features raising their hands together



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