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Welfare to wellbeing

A Comprehensive Vocational Training Program for Disadvantaged Women

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Welfare to Wellbeing has been helping unemployed and underprivileged women since 2009.

Welfare to Wellbeing provides long-term unemployed women with comprehensive vocational training and empowerment workshops, as well as therapeutic, nutritional, and job placement support to successfully find and maintain gainful employment. The program, which has 70 graduates a year,  equips previously long-term unemployed women with the skills to reduce their reliance on welfare. As a result, alumnae are empowered to transform their lives, serving as financially-independent role models for their children and leaders in their communities.

Program activities

Lessons in accounting, computers, professional writing, communications, and administrative skills development


Workplace visits


Individualized therapeutic support


Group dynamics

Mock interviews and work simulations


Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) workshops


Long-term graduate support

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