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The Jaffa Institute launched the Science Mobile Program in 2018 to provide disadvantaged children from diverse backgrounds throughout Israel with engaging STEM education. Through this innovative program, RV trailers outfitted with cutting-edge technologies travel to the Jaffa Institute’s After-School Educational Enrichment Centers for at-risk youth, as well as to underserved public schools.

child hands holding wooden game pieces

Each “STEM Mobile” vehicle accommodates 10 students, allowing the instructor to provide the small group of children with individualized feedback and support.


Participants are able to successfully complete increasingly complex projects despite their vast educational gaps, thereby building the children’s confidence in their ability to pursue a career in a STEM field. In addition to developing the children’s scientific skills, these lessons build their creativity, self-esteem, and motivation.

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Dedication of the chemistry mobile
פועלים בקהילה שקוף לוגו

Bank Hapoalim supports

The Galileo STEM Mobile Program

in Yafo Dalet

* We are looking for named sponsers for the next 5+ years for the upkeep and maintence of a couple of the mobiles.

Science Mobile

The original Science Mobile is equipped with technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutting machines and robotics kits. The students learn how to use these devices to explore physics, robotics, geometry, electro-magnetics, measuring, fractions, temperature, and engineering.


The Rolling Waves Lab immerses students in the multifaceted world of waves mechanical, electromagnetic, and matter waves. Equipped with an array of tools like cameras, microphones, lighting, and software, the lab fosters hands-on exploration. Projects include constructing crystal radios, dissecting light spectrums with spectroscopes, or experimenting with Doppler effect games

SPACE Mobile