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The Parent-Child CenterS

Mommy and Me circle time activity at the parent child center with musical instruments

Each year, the Parent-Child Centers serve approximately 540 disadvantaged families with children ages six and younger. Reflecting our service area’s diverse demographics, the Center proudly serves families from secular and religious backgrounds, various faiths, including Jews, Muslims, and Christians; the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, as well as asylum seekers and foreign workers.

adult with child on her lap reading through a book on colors and pointing out the different objects. most of the page is red, the child is pointing to a blue creature on the page

Many new parents never experienced healthy parental models in their own lives and lack the skills and resources to create a nurturing family environment. This situation leads to an elevated rate of neglect in our service area, with children lacking the level of supervision and care necessary for proper development.

A large majorities of the families who use the services of the parent-child center are single mothers. In Israel, 8.9% of families are single-mother households. Single mothers enjoy far less social support than their married counterparts, placing them at higher risk of developing maternal depression and exacerbating already existing parental difficulties.

The Parent-Child Center uses three main routes of intervention – therapeutic play, counseling, and community outreach.