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Jump start

Transitional Enrichment Program for At-Risk
Adolescents IN Partnership with Keren OTZAr HACHESED

boy with workbook and pencil completing an assignment

The Jump Start program addresses the unique educational and emotional needs of 140 disadvantaged youth, ages 11-18, by providing individualized academic support.


Particularly helps in core subjects such as math, English and Hebrew. 

Coming from diverse backgrounds, including Ethiopian-Israeli families, the students receive intensive support to overcome any economic, cultural, or linguistic barriers they may face. Implemented at our centers, Jump Start serves disadvantaged children in impoverished neighborhoods in Jaffa, South Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, and Yehud.


Thanks to Jump STARTstudent's begin to recognize the positive outcomes of their hard work, and Jump Start's dedication to their education gives them a vital boost to their self-esteem and encourages their continued success.

A majority of participants are graduates of the Jaffa Institute’s After-school Educational Enrichment Centers for at-risk children. Approximately 50% have diagnosed special needs and many demonstrate unidentified learning issues which have hindered their past academic success

Metrics from the most recent evaluation showed

of parents reported their children's learning skills as 5/5 - having the highest level of improvement



of parents give the teachers assigned to their children the highest rating (5 on a scale of 1-5)


8th Graders improved their language and math grades from 69% and 64% to 93% and 92%

Students overall grade point average INCREASED by an average of 14%

*from the beginning to the end of the year, as a result of Jump Start’s support.

3 participants transitioned from special education to main stream schools

"Ever since I was in 2nd grade, I felt weird and helpless in math. They told me I'm dyslexic. But, this year, I felt a huge change in my life. Tova teaches me math in different ways - interesting ways, with games and riddles. Every time I get something right, I get a point, and all of a sudden, I feel I can do it!"

girl with fun ice-cream pen and headband working with tutor

- Maya, Jump Start participant

Jump Start is Supported by:

אוצר חסד - לוגו


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