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food distribution center (Mercaz Mazon)

The Jaffa Institute's Food Distribution Center targets hunger and malnutrition in the home by providing 15,500 food packages a year.


The Center provides bi-monthly food packages containing staple goods for impoverished families, elderly individuals, including Holocaust survivors, and special distributions of food packages for the Holidays.

a couple hundred volunteers in white tshirts packing even more boxes in a warehouse garage

The Center tailors food packages to meet the recipients' unique needs and includes the following:

Non-perishables staples: 

Flour, oil, canned vegetables, pasta, and tuna

During the High Holidays the Center increases distribution to serve approvimately eigh times the number of recipents as during the rest of the year.

Holiday packages contain items such as: Matzah for passover, apples and honey for Rosh Hashannah and more Holiday staples

Seasonal items: blankets for the winter

Household items: toothpaste, soap (during covid-19 have included face masks and hand sanitizer)

Food distribution tailored food packages pie chart. one quarter with an arrow and an apple, one quarter with a can of oil, one quarter with a blanket and one quarter with soap
man in a plain blue shirt with his sleeves rolled up, brown short hair and face hair a white cardboard box of food with specialty holiday gift wrapped in plastic outside the apartment door of a recipient

“This food package is my lifeline. I can finally sleep at night, knowing that my children do not have to go to bed hungry, and my son is receiving the proper nutrients for his critical cognitive and physical development. I am indebted to the Food Distribution Center.”

To SUPPORT OUR food distribution center

*Learn More about the Mercaz Mazon on their Hebrew website

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